Can Heavy Rains Lead To Trees Falling?

Storm season is here and that comes with strong winds and heavy rain. The strong wind will batter your trees for days but the when the heavy rainfall begins so do the reports of falling trees. 

After several storm seasons, tree experts have discovered that excess moisture in the soil has a huge affect on the stability of the trees.

How does wet soil affect your Tree during storms

During heavy rainstorms the soil becomes saturated to the point that water replaces oxygen in the soil. As a result, without oxygen, trees are not able to maintain their health. The excessive water in the soil can have a short term impact and a long term impact that we will explain for you in this blog.

Short-term Impact of excessive water in soil

The main short term impact over saturated soil has on your trees pertains to its roots. The roots are not only the lifeline of the tree but it also is the anchor of the tree. As the trees anchor one of its jobs is to hold the tree upright. 

However, when the soil becomes saturated, the ground begins to loosen around the roots. As a result, the roots of the tree begin to lose grip. When you add strong winds to the mix, a tree faces the risk of falling over. In addition, if the tree is already growing off balance, the loose soil will make it far worse. 

Long-Term Impact of Excessive Water In Soil

Sometimes the soil around your tree is not able to naturally drain excess rain water and that can lead to serious problems. A queens tree service can identify the signs of excess water in your soil and the problems that follow. 

These problems include the soil at the base of the tree buckling from too much moisture. The once compact dirt will eventually turn into mud which can cause the tree to shift and lean. 

In addition, if the water remains for a long period of time, your roots can begin to decay. If left unchecked the decaying tree roots will eventually die causing the loss of your tree. At that point you need to contact a professional tree removal service. In Queens, NY you can contact Timber Wood Tree Services and they will help you with all your tree care needs.

How to know if your tree soil is too wet

Because the cause of the problem is found beneath the tree, it is very difficult to identify over saturated tree soil. However over time, waterlogged soil, will begin to affect the tree. Tree experts have identified symptoms of a Tree at Risk of waterlogged soil.

– Thinning Leaves

– Yellowing, or Wilted Leaves

– Reduced Leaf Size

– Cracked Or Heaving Soil

– Exposed Roots

– Leaning Tree

– Fungi On Tree Trunk

Contact Timber Wood Tree Service for tree support.

If you are having trouble with a leaning tree and your property is in Queens, NY, make sure to call Timber Wood Tree Service for a free price estimate. Here at Timber Wood Tree Service, our tree removal experts are trained to handle emergency tree care and tree maintenance. Contact Timber Wood Tree Service today for a free price estimate for your Tree needs.

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Susan Schulman
Susan Schulman
Had a great experience with Timberwood Tree service Marc came gave me an estimate to remove a dead tree and stump he was here the next day did an amazing job excellent job
Called Mark and his team to remove an old tree from my driveway that became a hazard. They quickly gave me an estimate, which was very reasoanble. They came right over and i na matter ouf hours, the tree was taken down in a highly professional and safe manner nad they left the property spotless. Highly recommend!
Stacie Wittman
Stacie Wittman
I highly recommend this company. We had a ton of trees and old shrubs around our home and interviewed many companies to help us out. Timber wood was efficient, wonderful to deal with, and all in all did a fantastic job perfecting my landscaping. On top of doing a great job, they also priced out less than others which is always a plus!!! Give them a call! You will be a very satisfied customer!
Darryl Atkinson
Darryl Atkinson
Would like to thank Timberwood tree service They came gave me an estimate they were the lowest price our of 4 estimates they removed a large oak tree on the side of my house the crew was amazing highly recommend
Pietro Oppedisano
Pietro Oppedisano
Thank you Timberwood tree service They removed 70 trees from my house in the Hamptons did an amazing job highly recommended
Alise Marie
Alise Marie
Thanks Marc and timberwood tree service they removed 20 trees from my back yard had 4 tree companies gave me prices they came in the cheapest and there work was amazing highly recommend
amanda r
amanda r
I would like to thank Timberwood tree service I called them for am estimate they showed up with in an hour and removed To trees over hanging the roof on my house They did a great job and the price was amazing highly recommended
Scott Ganca
Scott Ganca
Timberwood tree service took out huge oak tree ready to fall. Company did a great job and great price. I highly recommend
Jennifer Cangemi
Jennifer Cangemi
Best Tree Removal Service in all of Long Island. Highly recommend to anyone in need to either trimming or full removal. We had 3 massive trees removed from our property this past weekend and they got them down in one day! Stumps ground and all!
Maria Teofilo Teofilo
Maria Teofilo Teofilo
They came, the saw, they conquered! Good company. Will use again.

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