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Searching for a Land Clearing Service In New York?

Does you property have a serious landscaping problem?. Is your backyard covered in dead trees and leaves from years of neglect?. Are Fallen trees or rotting tree stumps preventing you from finishing your landscaping project? Then you are in need of a professional Land Clearing Service and you have come to the right place. Timber Wood Tree Service offers Land Clearing Services to residential and commercial properties in New York and Long Island.

What Do Land Clearing Services Offer?

Land clearing often involves the removal and clearing of hazardous or unwanted trees from your property or construction site. Timber Wood Tree Service can accomplish this with little or no disruption to the surrounding landscape. Brush cleaning, wood cutting and chipping are all part of our regular land clearing and tree services. We offer site and landscape grading, erosion control and a variety of other land/site management options for new construction or property development projects.


What is the Land Clearing Proces?

Wood Cutting

Fallen trees and branches can accumulate quickly on your property and can become a potential safety hazard. Our team of certified tree experts are equipped to cut down all fallen debris quickly and safely.

Wood Chipping

The fastest and most efficient way to remove all debris from your property is wood chipping. Our state of the art wood chippers can handle tons of wood and fallen debris saving time and money.

Does Land Clearing include Brush Clearing?

Land Clearing can become a very expensive and time consuming task if not done properly. We can clear the overgrown and dead brush off your property quickly and safely.


Searching For A Land Clearing Service Near You?

Timber Tree Services provides 24 hour emergency coverage to all 5 NYC Boroughs and Long Island. We have service providers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Nassau County and Suffolk County. If you are in the New York are we are at your service. We are a top Tree Service Provider in Queens and Long Island.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Land Clearing consist of?

Land clearing involves, clearing brush, cutting down and hauling away large trees, digging up rocks, filling in large holes with dirt, Filling holes in yards, removing shrubs and small trees, and removing stumps.

What is the purpose of land clearing?

Land Clearing is essential for agriculture and landscaping on every property. Prior to building any structure, land clearing must take place to insure a safe and level foundation. It opens up space and clears dead debris that inhibits growth of new plant life.

What is the best way to Clear Land?

Using a state of the art Excavators is the fastest and most efficient way of clearing all debris large and small.

How much land clearing is required to build a house?

A minimum of 1,000 sq ft must be cleared to build a proper foundation and insure the safety of your property.

Does land clearing increase my property value?

By clearing the land on your property you make the property more accessible and safe for potential buyers to visit. You are also minimizing the initial investment a buyer needs when taking care of their properties landscaping.

What do you do with leftover wood from land clearing?

All leftover wood to small to repurpose is chipped in the wood chipper and converted into mulch.

Licensed & Insured Arborist in Nassau County

We are fully licensed and insured in Nassau County, Suffolk County, & Brooklyn New York. Our team consist of licensed arborists and tree removal experts with several years of experience working in New York.

Quality & Affordability

For our Professional Tree Service, Customer Satisfaction is our number 1 goal. Tree Removal Cost can vary greatly between tree removal companies. We have been providing affordable services to Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County and its surrounding areas for many years. Tree Care is vital is to keeping your trees healthy on your residential property.

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