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If you are interested in hiring a professional Land Clearing Services you are in luck. Here at Timber Wood Tree Service we are prepared to handle your land clearing services with all the equipment necessary to prepare your property for development. Save time and money by selecting true professional with years of experience clearing land for development in Nassau County, NY and Queens, NY. 

Land Clearing Services


Remove Trees From Your Property

Trees can quickly grow and take over a property. When it's time to begin working on your land it is vital to remove all dying and unwanted trees to clear the area that will be worked on. Our team is experienced in quickly and safely removing trees off your construction site.

Remove Overgrown Brush and Bushes

Without proper maintenance and landscaping, your property will begin to grow unwanted vegetation such as tall grass, bushes, small tree, vines and more. As a result you may need a professional land clearing service. As a result you may need a professional land clearing service. We can clear the overgrown and dead brush off your property quickly and safely.

Affordable Wood Cutting And Removal

Fallen trees and branches can accumulate quickly on your property and can become a potential safety hazard. Our team of certified tree experts are equipped to cut down all fallen debris quickly and safely.

Fast Wood Chipping And Clean UP

Wood Chipping is the fastest and most efficient way to remove all debris from your property. Our state of the art wood chippers can handle tons of wood and fallen debris saving time and money on your next development.

Landscape Grading For Residential And Commercial Properties

Once all unwanted Trees have been removed, Brush has been clear, Wood has been cut and chipped, it is time to prepare you land for construction. Before construction can begin your land must be graded. Grading is the process of leveling your yard in order to create a slight incline. As a result, when it rains all the water will naturally drain off your property.

Professional Land Erosion Control

If your property is located by the coast or a body of water it is at risk of erosion from the weather. Our erosion control service is designed to protect your land from erosion. Similar to landscape grading, during erosion control we will level your land and also use different techniques to protect your land from excess water.


What is The Average cost of Land Clearing?

The Average cost of land Clearing depends on multiple factors that dictate the machinery and size of crew needed for the job. Once an onsite visit is scheduled, one of professionals will provide you an estimate based on the following factors.

Top 5 Factors For Land Clearing Pricing


Land Clearing Price Estimate

Follow the following steps to receive an online price estimate for your Land Clearing Services. To begin, fill out this brief quote form. Make sure to upload any photos and videos that can help us provide you with an accurate price estimate. After submitting the quote form, we will reach out to you with an affordable Tree Service Estimate.

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.

Latest Projects

Find the latest content of our team of licensed tree experts in action as they Remove Trees, Stumps and much more. 

#1 rated Long Island Tree Service

Susan Schulman
Susan Schulman
Had a great experience with Timberwood Tree service Marc came gave me an estimate to remove a dead tree and stump he was here the next day did an amazing job excellent job
Called Mark and his team to remove an old tree from my driveway that became a hazard. They quickly gave me an estimate, which was very reasoanble. They came right over and i na matter ouf hours, the tree was taken down in a highly professional and safe manner nad they left the property spotless. Highly recommend!
Stacie Wittman
Stacie Wittman
I highly recommend this company. We had a ton of trees and old shrubs around our home and interviewed many companies to help us out. Timber wood was efficient, wonderful to deal with, and all in all did a fantastic job perfecting my landscaping. On top of doing a great job, they also priced out less than others which is always a plus!!! Give them a call! You will be a very satisfied customer!
Darryl Atkinson
Darryl Atkinson
Would like to thank Timberwood tree service They came gave me an estimate they were the lowest price our of 4 estimates they removed a large oak tree on the side of my house the crew was amazing highly recommend
Pietro Oppedisano
Pietro Oppedisano
Thank you Timberwood tree service They removed 70 trees from my house in the Hamptons did an amazing job highly recommended
Alise Marie
Alise Marie
Thanks Marc and timberwood tree service they removed 20 trees from my back yard had 4 tree companies gave me prices they came in the cheapest and there work was amazing highly recommend
amanda r
amanda r
I would like to thank Timberwood tree service I called them for am estimate they showed up with in an hour and removed To trees over hanging the roof on my house They did a great job and the price was amazing highly recommended
Scott Ganca
Scott Ganca
Timberwood tree service took out huge oak tree ready to fall. Company did a great job and great price. I highly recommend
Jennifer Cangemi
Jennifer Cangemi
Best Tree Removal Service in all of Long Island. Highly recommend to anyone in need to either trimming or full removal. We had 3 massive trees removed from our property this past weekend and they got them down in one day! Stumps ground and all!
Maria Teofilo Teofilo
Maria Teofilo Teofilo
They came, the saw, they conquered! Good company. Will use again.

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Timber Wood Tree Service has several Tree Removal crews working around the clock. You can find out tree removal crews operating in Long Island, NY and New York City. Click below to see if you can find Timber Wood Tree Service in your neighborhood.

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