Storm Damage Service

Storms in Nassau County, NY and Queens NY have been known to cause damage yearly for all homeowners alike. These storms come with powerful winds that batter and weaken the Trees on your property. As a result, in the worst case scenarios, passing storms can tear branches off your trees and hurl them through the air. In addition, a weak enough tree can be torn right from its roots and fall onto your property causing damage and creating a hazard for you. Our professional tree service has crews with years of experience dealing with these emergency situations. Our Tree Removal experts respond quickly and will remove the fallen Trees in a safe manner, preventing further damage or risk of injury. Learn more about our Storm Damage Clean Up service below.

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Storm Damage Clean Up Services

A Storm can leave a trail a damage running through your property. Most home owners are unaware of what kind of damage can be caused by storms. Over the years our Tree Removal Service has encountered all sorts of Damage and hazards left by storms. As a result, we have been able to provide a wide range of clean up services that will have your property good as new as quickly as possible. Schedule a clean up crew to help you with your Storm Damage Clean Up below.


Tree Limb Clearing

Storm winds are strong enough to tear and blow Tree Limbs all over your property. Some tree limbs may be left clinging to your trees while others may land on your property, creating a dangerous environment. Our crews are trained to quickly and safely remove all damaged and dead tree Limbs from your property.


Fallen Tree removal

Unfortunately, not all Trees will survive each storm season and some older more vulnerable trees will be ripped from its root, allowing it to fall on or into your property. Our Tree Removal Team has the skills required to cut down this tree and remove it from your property safely. The sooner you remove the Tree the better.


Road Clearing

Although it is safer for Trees to fall on the road instead of your property, it also causes an unwanted problem for the neighborhood. With a fallen Tree covering the street in front of your house you will be unable to move any cars or travel to work as you once did. It is important to schedule this Tree to be removed as quickly as possible and that is when our team comes in. 


Clearing Electric Cables

If a Tree or Tree Limb falls or hangs over an electric cable it requires immediate removal. These situations are what our Tree Experts are prepared for. Schedule our team to come and remove any Trees or Tree Branches away from electrical cables. This is vital to any storm damage clean up service.

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Storm Damage Clean up Service in Nassau County & Queens

Timber Wood Tree Service is based in Massapequa, NY. However, we have multiple Tree Cutting Crews mobilized and operating all over Long Island and Queens, NY. Our Storm Damage Removal company has several years of experience Removing fallen trees in Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County neighborhoods and we continue to expand our reach across the 5 boroughs of New York. If you are looking to remove a tree from your property, trim your trees, or remove a stump in one of the following areas you can call today for a free Price Estimate.

Our Tree Maintenance Service Can Prepare you for Storm Season

Owning a property in Nassau County or Queens, NY already comes with a lot of work. However, most home owners do not realize how much maintenance the trees on your property require. Routine Tree Trimming is a vital way to strengthen your trees and promote proper growth. Doing the work yourself can be dangerous and thats where we step in. We provide several tree services that help maintain the trees on your property. Here are some reasons why you may require tree maintenance.

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Booking A Professional Tree Service In Your Area?

Here at Timber Wood Tree Service we make the process of booking a Tree Service in your area simple and easy. With the help of our Tree Experts you can have an affordable price estimate for your tree service within hours of calling. Below you can follow the step by step process on how to contract our Professional Tree Service.

Tree Service Pricing

We make finding the right price for the job easy. Call our offices to schedule an onsite visit. After a Tree experts visits your property and inspects the Tree, an affordable price estimate will be provided for to you.

Our Team Arrives

Within 48 hours our team will arrive on location. Our licensed tree removal experts are equipped with the best tree removal equipment. This allows them to operate quickly and safely. Completing the job on the same day.

Clean Up

Based on your contract our team we'll begin to cut the tree down to size. They begin with chopping the Tree Trunk into smaller sizes followed by the smaller branches. As an add-on we provide wood chipping services for all of our clean up jobs.

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We specialize in preventative Tree Care to make sure your trees stay strong during the next storm season. Our Tree Maintenance Services can insure stronger healthier trees. Make sure to stay in touch as we provide discounts for all returning clients.

Searching For Affordable Tree Removal Pricing?

Our team of Tree Removal Experts and Arborist are working around the clock to provide pricing for all Tree care services. Call and speak to a representative today and receive an accurate and affordable tree removal estimate.

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