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We are your Local Tree Removal experts. Fast response and 24/7 Emergency Tree Service serving all of New York and Long Island. Fully Licensed and Insured. Online Tree Removal Booking and free tree removal Estimates available.

Local Tree Professionals

We specialize in preventative Tree Removal and Emergency Tree Removal services. Our team consist of licensed Arborist which provide prompt, dependable service and expertise. This is why our Long Island based Tree Company, is prepared to take complete care of any and all of your tree service needs. For years, we’ve provided a wide variety of tree removal services to our residential and commercial clients. With proper care a tree can stay healthy and prevent potential damage to your property. To learn more, explore our services below and select the service that can save your property from damage.


Tree Removal

We’ll assess the extent of damages to your trees and help you weigh your options for removal.


Tree Trimming

Our tree Trimming and tree pruning options are ideal for regular upkeep of your trees.


Tree Cabling

Mechanical strength and structure of a tree is critical to its survival. Some trees require additional support.


Stump Removal

Stump grinding and removal is fast and efficient, giving you complete stump removal in a breeze.


Land Clearing

Site and landscape grading, erosion control and a variety of other land/site management. 


Storm damage

Fallen trees are as hazardous as weak and storm damaged trees that have not fallen down.

Quality Tree Removal Service in NYC and Long Island, NY

We are an expert tree service providing Tree removal, Tree trimming, Tree pruning, Tree cabling, stump grinding, land clearing and a wide variety of other tree services for Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County and its surrounding areas.

Our business is located in Massapequa, NY and has operated in the Long Island, NY area for several years. Timber Wood Tree Service makes booking a professional Tree Service Fast and Easy. Simply begin the process by contacting our tree experts. Secondly, in a matter of moments you can schedule an onsite visit from our professional arborist. From that point on, our arborist will assess your Tree Situation and decide the best method of removal or what practice will help maintain the trees on your property. Finally, with in 48 hours you will have our team of Tree Experts with the latest tools and equipment to get your Tree Service Complete.


When Should You Remove A Tree On Your Property?

Our Professional Tree removal company is experienced in several tree removal scenarios. For example, a tree that is infected, damaged following bad weather, growing too close to the home, or is in the way of a commercial project, might need to be removed. Tree removal can be dangerous, even tree experts have to follow strict safety regulations. As a result they also need to be fully licensed and insured. Click Read More below for more informations on when to remove a tree on your property.

What Is the Average Cost of Tree Removal?

The Average Cost Of Tree Removal is effected by multiple factors. To begin, the price can be effected by the based on the height and the accessibility of the tree. In addition, the type of equipment needed can impact the cost as well. That is why our tree experts will help find the best options for your tree removal and offer you the most budget friendly solution. We offer tree services for all properties which can include but is not limited to a private property, residential property, or commercial property. If you are interested in a price estimate for a Tree Service you can call by clicking the button below and speaking to an expert. You can schedule an onsite assessment in minutes.

What Are common Signs Of Storm Damage on Your Trees?

It is important to check for damage to your trees immediately after a severe storm passes. For example, this can including split trunks and partially attached or dead tree limbs. In addition, mushrooms growing at the base of trees are sign of disease and can weaken the trunk of our tree. Furthermore, hanging branches on electrical wires pose the most serious threat to home owners. This is why it is best to contact a professional tree removal expert to assess the damage or potential damage caused by a Tree.


What is the Tree Removal process?

Standard Tree Removal

For a standard tree removal, the tree would be cut down to a low tree stump. In addition, the branches would be cut up into regular pieces for use as firewood or removed from the property. As a result of removal you will be left with the Tree Stump. If you want to get rid of the stump, you can opt to have it removed entirely, or have it ground down until it is no longer visible.

Branch Removal

If your property is too close to electrical wires or your roof, cutting the tree down from the trunk is not the safest way. As a result of the location of the tree, the tree would be scaled, and branches cut off individually from the top down. This is done until the entire Tree is Cut down and removed. Finally, if necessary, these will be secured with ropes so that they don't fall into power lines or onto buildings.

What Happens To The Tree After removal?

Once a Tree Removal is complete, several pounds of wood can remain on your property. As a result, our tree removal experts will begin to cut down large pieces of your tree in preparation for removal. In addition, the branches would either be cut and used as firewood or removed depending on the client’s wishes. 

The only party of the Tree not covered by initial removal is the Tree Stump. Stump removal will usually be an additional charge as it involves a lot more work than leaving the stump in place.

Searching For A Tree Service Near You?

We provides 24 hour emergency coverage to all 5 NYC Boroughs and Long Island. We have service providers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Nassau County and Suffolk County. If you are in the New York are we are at your service. We are a top  Provider in Queens and Long Island.

24/7 Emergency Tree Service

Tree Emergencies can happen at anytime. For instance, if your trees have come down and come into contact with power lines, cars, fencing, or other buildings, you need to have that fallen tree removed fast!

No matter what time you can always count on our 24-hour emergency tree service to come through for you. With a professional staff here at Timber Wood Tree Service we will always be available for you.

Our expert tree cutters are ready to help with any last-minute emergency tree care needs. Our goal is your complete satisfaction during our emergency tree service.

When Should You Trim Your Trees?

Generally, it is best To Trim your Tree routinely to maintain and preserve the health of your trees. For some of our clients a monthly maintenance service may not be an option but they still wish for a Tree Trimming service to take care of their property before any damage. For yearly Tree Trimming the best times to Trim your trees would be the Winter Months. This is because Trees will be dry and free of insects which allows easier access and removal of dead or weak branches.


What Are The Benefits Of Stump Grinding?

After every Tree Removal, property owners are left with Tree Stumps. Tree Stumps left unattended can lead to sinkholes as well as take up to 5 years to decay naturally. Furthermore, Tree Stumps are an eyesore and diminish the value and appearance of your property. There are many ways to remove a Tree Stump but we believe Stump Grinding is the best way. With Stump Grinding we can quickly remove any Dead Tree and stump off your property in 1-2 days and we are left with fresh mulch that can be reused and recycled for many purposes.


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Licensed & Insured Arborist In New York

We are fully licensed and insured in Nassau County, Suffolk County, & New York. Our team consist of licensed arborists and tree removal experts with several years of experience working in New York.

Quality & Affordability

For our Professional Tree Service, Customer Satisfaction is our number 1 goal. Tree Removal Cost can vary greatly between tree removal companies. We have been providing affordable services to Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County and its surrounding areas for many years. Tree Care is vital is to keeping your trees healthy on your residential property.