Professional Tree Services

What Tree Services Do We offer?

Timber Wood Tree Service is your Local Tree Removal expert. We offer, Fast response and 24/7 Emergency Tree Services for all of New York City and Long Island. In addition, we are comprised of Fully Licensed and Insured arborist and tree removal experts. Furthermore, we provide online booking and free tree removal Estimates are available. Our Nassau County Tree Service offers a wide variety of Tree Services. This includes, Tree Removal, Stump Removal, Tree Trimming, Tree Cabling, Land Clearing, and Storm Damage. Scroll down to learn more about the Tree Services we provide all over the Nassau County, NY area. 

Tree Removal Service

Sometimes there are trees that can’t be saved, and even trees that are a danger to your property! Dead trees, dying and diseased trees or trees that are severely angled/overhanging are all hazards waiting to happen. Call in the tree experts and we’ll assess the extent of damages to your trees and help you weigh your options for dead, dangerous, and plain unsightly tree removal.

Tree Trimming And Pruning

Regular tree trimming keeps your trees healthy and vibrant. Our tree cutting and tree pruning options are ideal for regular upkeep of your trees, as well as keeping weak branches from becoming a potential hazard. Schedule your annual tree trimming with the pros this year for a faster tree service at high quality standards.

Tree Stump removal

Stumps might not be as dangerous as their taller predecessors, but they can still be a pain and an eyesore for your home. Stump grinding and removal is fast and efficient, giving you complete stump removal in a breeze.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Mechanical strength and structure of a tree is critical to its survival. In many situations, a tree requires the additional support of cabling and bracing.

Land Clearing Service

Brush cleaning, wood cutting and chipping are all part of our regular land clearing services. We offer site and landscape grading, erosion control and a variety of other land/site management options for new construction or property development projects.

Storm Damage Service

As a homeowner, if you are in an area that is prone to storms, then trees falling on your property may not be new for you. Fallen trees are as hazardous as weak and storm damaged trees that have not fallen down. There is no knowing what is there below all the debris. There could be loose wires, sharp branches or limbs, and other things that could cause you harm if you try to clear the tree yourself.


24/7 Emergency Tree Removal

If you are located in Nassau County NY and trees have come down and come into contact with power lines, cars, fencing, or other buildings, you need to have that fallen tree removed fast! This is where our emergency tree service experts can really shine! When you call Timber Tree Service, we will be available to address your needs 24/7. That means that whenever a tree emergency happens, we’ll be there to help! We operate all over the Nassau County, NY area offering are service to all residents.

Searching For A Service Near You?

We provide 24 hour emergency coverage to all 5 NYC Boroughs and Long Island. We have service providers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Nassau County and Suffolk County. If you are in the New York are we are at your service. We are a top Provider in Queens and Long Island.

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Quality & Affordability

For our Professional Tree Service, Customer Satisfaction is our number 1 goal. Tree Removal Cost can vary greatly between tree removal companies. We have been providing affordable services to Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County and its surrounding areas for many years. Tree Care is vital is to keeping your trees healthy on your residential property.

Licensed & Insured Arborist in Nassau County

We are fully licensed and insured in Nassau County, Suffolk County, & Brooklyn New York. Our team consist of licensed arborists and tree removal experts with several years of experience working in New York.

Need A Free Tree Service Estimate?

Our team of Tree Removal Experts and Arborist are working around the clock to provide pricing for all Tree care services. Call and speak to a representative today and receive an accurate and affordable tree removal estimate.