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Tree trimming and tree pruning is critical to sustaining your tree's health, stimulating growth and retaining its natural appearance. While necessary, this job can be too dangerous for DIY Home Projects. Tall Trees or Tree Branches hanging over Power Lines can present a serious danger. That is why it is best to contact a Tree Trimming company. Our Tree Trimming Service will leave you with Healthy Trees, no need for Tree Removal or Stump Removal. We offer Tree Trimming for both Residential and Commercial Customers.


Tree Trimming Services

Tree maintenance is a very important practice to keep your Trees growing properly and to prevent any fallen limbs from causing damage to your property. Most homeowners are in need of some kind of Tree Trimming but are not sure what kind of Tree Trimming Services are out there. As a result our tree company as created a list of Tree Trimming services that can be used in several situations.

Limb Clearing

As your trees grow so do their limbs. Because of this limbs may grow outward and towards your property. Routinely clearing these limbs away with professional Tree Trimming will prevent the Tree from growing any closer to your property.

Crown Reduction

Crown Reduction Tree Trimming is recommended for any trees that grow too large which also makes the most outward branches weaker.  Reducing the overall height and width of the Tree Crown will help remove the weaker branches that may fall during storm seasons

Selective Tree Trimming

As beautiful as trees can be sometimes they grow too large and begin to reduce visibility on your property. As a result, you may need to trim specific branches that will allow you to increase visibility without removing your tree. Allow our team to safely trim these limbs. 

Natures Cut

When a Tree ages or weakens over the season, sometimes the top canopy dies out first. This leaves a lot of dead branches and limbs that can fall at any moment. Our tree experts can safely remove the dead portions of the canopy that nature has chosen to remove. By assisting the process we can greatly remove the chance of property damage.

Crown Reduction

Certain types of Trees have very low canopies providing great shaded areas on your property. However, the canopy may be too low for people to safely walk underneath. In situations like this our team can trim and prune all branches on the bottom of the canopy, effectively raising the height and allowing safe passage for everyone to walk beneath.

Dead Branch Tree Trimming Services

Thankfully a Tree does not die all at once. Sometimes you will be able to catch disease and rot in tree starting with its branches. If you find dead or diseased tree limbs on your trees, Trimming and Pruning them away are the best options for your trees over all health. Our tree trimming experts can help you identify and safely remove all dead limbs from your trees. 


What Is The Difference Between Trimming And Tree Pruning

Although very similar, there is a difference between Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning. To begin, Tree Pruning is used to remove unnecessary branches on Overgrown Trees. This may be done for several reasons but is mainly done to maintain visibility on your property as well as accessibility. Trimming, on the other hand, promotes healthy growth and is necessary for the care of trees. Tree trimming also focuses on larger tree limbs and requires heavy machinery and a professional Tree service.


When Should You Trim Your Trees?

The best time to prune or trim your trees and shrubs is during the winter months. From November through March, most trees are dormant which makes it the ideal time. However, there are some situations that may require you to trim your trees sooner than winter. Below we have listed the top reasons you might need to Trim your Trees.

Top 5 Reasons To Trim Your Trees


What Is The Cost Of Tree Trimming In Queens, NY?

The average cost of Tree Trimming depends on several factors. Similar to Tree Removal, the price is determined by the overall size of the Tree and its limbs. In addition, the amount of Limbs that need to be Trimmed will also be factored into the price. Finally, how easy it is to access the tree on your property effects how we quickly and easily we can trim your trees. Therefor, the price will change depending on the trees accessibility.


Learn More about our Tree Services

In addition to Tree Removal and Tree Trimming we also provide a wide range of tree care services.These services include, Stump Removal, Tree Cabling, Tree Bracing, Land Clearing and Storm Damage.


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Susan Schulman
Susan Schulman
Had a great experience with Timberwood Tree service Marc came gave me an estimate to remove a dead tree and stump he was here the next day did an amazing job excellent job
Called Mark and his team to remove an old tree from my driveway that became a hazard. They quickly gave me an estimate, which was very reasoanble. They came right over and i na matter ouf hours, the tree was taken down in a highly professional and safe manner nad they left the property spotless. Highly recommend!
Stacie Wittman
Stacie Wittman
I highly recommend this company. We had a ton of trees and old shrubs around our home and interviewed many companies to help us out. Timber wood was efficient, wonderful to deal with, and all in all did a fantastic job perfecting my landscaping. On top of doing a great job, they also priced out less than others which is always a plus!!! Give them a call! You will be a very satisfied customer!
Darryl Atkinson
Darryl Atkinson
Would like to thank Timberwood tree service They came gave me an estimate they were the lowest price our of 4 estimates they removed a large oak tree on the side of my house the crew was amazing highly recommend
Pietro Oppedisano
Pietro Oppedisano
Thank you Timberwood tree service They removed 70 trees from my house in the Hamptons did an amazing job highly recommended
Alise Marie
Alise Marie
Thanks Marc and timberwood tree service they removed 20 trees from my back yard had 4 tree companies gave me prices they came in the cheapest and there work was amazing highly recommend
amanda r
amanda r
I would like to thank Timberwood tree service I called them for am estimate they showed up with in an hour and removed To trees over hanging the roof on my house They did a great job and the price was amazing highly recommended
Scott Ganca
Scott Ganca
Timberwood tree service took out huge oak tree ready to fall. Company did a great job and great price. I highly recommend
Jennifer Cangemi
Jennifer Cangemi
Best Tree Removal Service in all of Long Island. Highly recommend to anyone in need to either trimming or full removal. We had 3 massive trees removed from our property this past weekend and they got them down in one day! Stumps ground and all!
Maria Teofilo Teofilo
Maria Teofilo Teofilo
They came, the saw, they conquered! Good company. Will use again.

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