Tree Cabling Service

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Do the Trees on your property show signs of weak limbs or visible damage as a result of a passing storm or poor growth? Our Tree Cabling service provides the perfect options to assist your Trees in proper growth. With our Cabling service we can secure the structure of your tree with carefully placed high strength steel cables along the tree. 

Tree Cabling & Bracing Service

Cables and brace rods are structural supports intended to reduce the risk of failure of weak branches. Cables generally consist of high strength steel and are attached to bolts installed in the upper crown of a tree. They are intended to limit the movement of the supported branches so they are less likely to fail during storms. Braces are threaded rods that are installed through unions of weak branches and multiple stems to provide more rigid support from twisting forces that can occur in violent weather.

The Benefits of Tree Cabling & Bracing

When one notices a tree stem and/or branches becoming weak, the options before complete tree removal are tree cabling and bracing. Cables and brace rods are installed to prevent a tree from splitting or losing major limbs. The cables and brace rods act as an extra support for weakened portions of the tree.

Cables consists of high strength steel and are attached to bolts which are implanted in the crown of the tree. The cables act as restrictor, so that the supportive branches do not move too much during storms. Braces are connected from weak branches to strong stems for a stronger support system.


What is Tree Cabling And Tree Bracing?

Tree Cabling

Cabling reduces the risk of breaking or splitting. The cables are typically installed in the upper crown or across a weak crotch (the bottom point of connection between two or more tree limbs or trunks). Traditional static cabling systems are made from high-strength, long-lasting steel wire and hardware, and allow for very little movement in the tree. Newer dynamic cabling systems are made from synthetic fabric roping and sling attachments; the “give” in the dynamic cabling allows for more natural movement in the tree.

Tree Bracing

Bracing rods are installed in trees with multiple or co-dominant leaders to reduce the risk of the leaders splitting or to repair splits that have already occurred. The rigid braces are installed directly through the union of the weak branches and stems either as a “through-rod” (where the rod is inserted through the trunk or branch and bolted with a nut on either side) or a “dead-end” brace (where the rod is threaded directly into the tree trunk or branch). Bracing rods are combined with cabling to gain the most stable support.

What type of trees require cabling or bracing services?

Older trees with broad canopies often have lower branches that grow horizontally and have a lot of pressure placed on them, causing them to droop or break. Cabling or bracing is an excellent alternative to removing these safety hazards without compromising the tree’s appearance.

Trees that have grown with more than one main trunk are often subject to structural failure in inclement weather. Cabling or bracing is an easy solution for keeping multi-trunked trees standing for years to come.

Trees with splitting trunks due to previous structural damage are especially vulnerable. Cabling or bracing is needed immediately to prevent complete failure; with cables or brace rods, you can add years to your tree’s life and keep it looking beautiful.


When should you cable a tree?

A tree needs to be cabled prior to a major limb or branch failure. Identification of weak areas in a tree is the first step in the process. The installation time frame may be influenced by species and the season.

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Timber Tree Services provides 24 hour emergency coverage to all 5 NYC Boroughs and Long Island. We have service providers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Nassau County and Suffolk County. If you are in the New York are we are at your service. We are a top Tree Service Provider in Queens and Long Island.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Cabling Trees?

The main purpose of tree cabling is to provide structural support to a tree with a weak structure. Will effectively reduce damage that occurs during severe weather.

When is the right time to cable a tree?

Tree Cabling is meant to support trees with structural damage. When you notice a Tree with damage such as splits in the trunk, cracks in the tree trunk, or overall poor health it is wise to consider tree cabling.

Does cabling damage trees?

Tree Cabling is designed to prevent further Damage to compromised Trees. A professional must assess your situation before recommending tree cabling. Unnecessary or incorrect tree cabling can damage a tree. We can insure a successful tree cabling service.

What causes cracks in a Tree?

Cracks in a tree are the best indicators of an unhealthy or unstable tree. Most cracks in your tree are caused by the splitting of weak branches.

What is the best way to prevent your tree from splitting and cracking?

Tree Cabling is the best way to prevent your tree from cracking. High Strength steel is used to provide added support throughout your tree.

How much does tree cabling cost?

Tree Cabling can cost anywhere between $200-$1500. Our Licensed and Certified arborist have years of experience providing affordable price estimates for tree cabling.

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