5 Signs Your Tree is Dying

To begin, proper Tree Maintenance will greatly affect the length of your Trees life but many times it may be too late for your Tree. But the question on everyone’s mind is, “How can I tell if my Tree Is Dead?” Well, sometimes the signs a Tree has died isn’t too obvious. That is why with our experience we have come up with a list of signs to know your tree is dying.


1) Dead Wood

Dead branches or wood is the first sign of a dying tree. Once this dead wood has spread through out your tree it has most likely died.


2) Brittle Bark

The Bark of a Tree will tell you a lot about the health of the tree. If the bark becomes brittle and easy to break off. The tree is dying or has already died.


3) No Leaves

If your Trees leaves have all dropped off and not return in the growing season your tree may be dying.


4) Damage To The Roots

The roots are the foundation of the tree. If they are damaged in anyway the Tree itself will begin to die. 


5) Fungus/Termites

If one of the trees on your property show signs of fungus growing on the base of the trunk or termites are found anywhere on the tree that tree has most likely died.

All dead trees pose a potential danger for all homeowners. In there weakened condition any storm can cause enough damage to knock the tree over which can lead to thousands of dollars in repair or even death. For those reasons it is important to contact your local tree removal experts for a free estimate. 

looking For A Tree Removal Service In Long Island?

When searching for a Tree Removal Service you need to make sure you choose a team with experience licensed arborist. A professional Tree Removal Service will have a price estimate for your within 24 hours. Long Island is home to thousands of Trees and property owner need the proper care and maintenance to insure a long life for their trees. 

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