Nassau County Tree Cabling Service

Here at Timber Wood Tree Service we specialize in Tree Maintenance for all of Nassau County, NY . Our certified arborist can help you identify weak and vulnerable trees on your property and provide a safe and effective solution. In most cases Tree Trimming will help your trees grow properly and healthy but sometimes strong winds and other outside forces may cause your trees to receive severe damage. For example, large splits in your trees trunk or trees leaning over too far are beyond the point of rescue with Trimming alone. That is when our professionals come in and provide professional Tree Cabling and Bracing. Tree Cabling and Tree Bracing are techniques used to strengthen and support the overall structure of your tree.

Our Tree Cabling Services

When your Trees have major cracks in them and are falling over, our team of professionals can utilize Tree cabling or Tree bracing to prevent your tree from dying. If you live in the Nassau County, NY area and the trees on your property have cracks or are falling over then you should consider the following tree cabling services.


Tree cabling

The process of Tree Cabling uses Cables and brace rods as structural supports. This is intended to prevent your Trees Trunk from further Splitting and insures the Structure of your Tree is reinforced. Our Cables consist of high strength steel and are attached via bolts. Our Team of Tree Cabling Experts design the placement of cables to limit movement between the affected tree branches. As a result, the tree will no longer continue to crack and will be able to survive through storms.


Tree Bracing

The process of Tree Bracing consist of threaded rods that are inserted throughout your Tree strategically in order to provide a more rigid support system. This prevents your tree from twisting movements that can occur in violent weather. In conclusion, this method of support is vital when you believe your Tree is going to continue to split and crack. 

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When To consider Tree Cabling and Tree Bracing

For most property owners it is hard to identify when Cabling is necessary without the assistance of a professional. With years of experience our tree experts have been able to create a list of signs your tree requires cabling or bracing for structural support.

Queens Tree Cabling Service

Timber Wood Tree Service is based in Massapequa, NY. However, we have multiple Tree Cabling Crews mobilized and operating all over Long Island and Queens, NY. Our Tree Cabling company has several years of experience trimming trees in Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County neighborhoods and we continue to expand our reach across the 5 boroughs of New York. If you are looking to remove a tree from your property, trim your trees, or remove a stump in one of the following areas you can call today for a free Price Estimate.

Get Help with your Tree Maintenance

Owning a property in Nassau County, NY already comes with a lot of work. However, most homeowners do not realize how much maintenance the trees on your property require. Routine Tree Trimming is a vital way to strengthen your trees and promote proper growth. Doing the work yourself can be dangerous and that’s where we step in. We provide several tree services that help maintain the trees on your property. Here are some reasons why you may require tree maintenance.

Booking A Professional Tree Cabling Service In Nassau County, NY?

Here at Timber Wood Tree Service we make the process of booking a Tree Cabling Service in your area simple and easy. In addition, with the help of our Tree Cabling Experts you can have an affordable price estimate for your tree service within hours of calling. Below you can follow the step by step process on how to contract our Professional Tree Service.


Tree Service Pricing

Call our offices to schedule an onsite visit. After a Tree experts visits your property and inspects the Tree, an affordable price estimate will be provided for to you.


Our Team Arrives

Within 48 hours our team will arrive on location. Our licensed tree removal experts are equipped with the best tree removal equipment. Completing the job on the same day.


Clean Up

We begin with chopping the Tree Trunk into smaller sizes followed by the smaller branches. As an add-on we provide wood chipping services for all of our clean up jobs.


Save Our Number

We specialize in preventative Tree Care to make sure your trees stay strong during the next storm season. Make sure to stay in touch as we provide discounts for all returning clients.

Searching For Affordable Tree Trimming Pricing in Nassau County, NY?

Our team of Tree Trimming Experts and Arborist are working around the clock to provide pricing for all Tree care services. Call and speak to a representative today and receive an accurate and affordable tree removal estimate.

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