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If you are searching for a professional stump removal service in Nassau County, NY you have come to the right place. Our Stump Removal Service has been providing service to Nassau County, NY for several years. As a result, our experience has allowed us to build a team of licensed and certified Tree Experts. We use the latest Stump Removal machinery to complete the job quickly and safely. Don’t hesitate to call and ask for a free stump removal estimate. We provide affordable pricing and fast response times.

Our Tree Stump Removal Services

After every Tree Removal or Tree Fall a Stump will remain on your property. Tree Stumps can become an eye sore and take valuable space from your property. In addition, it can prevent you from freely renovating your property. As a result, removal is necessary and for it to be a success you need to remove it in the right way. Here at Timber Wood Tree Service we offer the main forms of stump removal for all of Nassau County, NY.


Queens Stump Removal

As your trees grow so do their limbs. Because of this limbs may grow outward and towards your property. Routinely clearing these limbs away with professional Tree Trimming will prevent the Tree from growing any closer to your property.


Queens Stump Grinding

Our crown reduction Tree Trimming is recommended for any trees that grow too large which also makes the most outward branches weaker.  Reducing the overall height and width of the Tree Crown will help remove the weaker branches that may fall during storm seasons

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What is the average cost of stump removal In Nassau County, NY?

The Stump of a Tree is the most difficult part of the Tree to remove. Some Tree roots grow so deep that it becomes almost impossible to remove the stump without heavy machinery and professional help. The cost of removal varies and depends on certain factors. Here are a list of factors that effect the price of stump removal


Can you recycle your tree stump In Nassau County, NY?

As you may know it is illegal to dispose your Tree Trunk with your garbage. Standard garbage trucks are not equipped to remove Tree Trunks from your property. This is where we come in. Our team of stump removal experts will use the latest Trunk Grinding machinery to Grind down your Stump into all natural mulch. As a result, you can recycle this natural tree mulch by using it as a layer of soil covering. This natural layer of tree mulch will help protect and improve your soil and plant growth.


How long does it take to remove a tree stump In Nassau County, NY?

Our team of tree removal experts have several years of experience. As a result, they have become very quick and efficient when it comes to Tree Stump removal. On average the Stump Removal process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours depending on several factors. However, you can be sure that our team will have your stump removed within hours of arrival. 

Nassau County Stump Removal Service

Timber Wood Tree Service is based in Massapequa, NY. However, we have multiple Tree Cutting Crews mobilized and operating all over Long Island and Queens, NY. Our Tree Stump Removal company has several years of experience trimming trees in Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County neighborhoods and we continue to expand our reach across the 5 boroughs of New York. If you are looking to remove a tree from your property, trim your trees, or remove a stump in one of the following areas you can call today for a free Price Estimate.

Get Help with your Tree Maintenance

Owning a property in Nassau County, NY already comes with a lot of work. However, most homeowners do not realize how much maintenance the trees on your property require. Routine Tree Trimming is a vital way to strengthen your trees and promote proper growth. Doing the work yourself can be dangerous and that’s where we step in. We provide several tree services that help maintain the trees on your property. Here are some reasons why you may require tree maintenance.

Contract A Professional Stump removal Service In Nassau County, NY

Here at Timber Wood Tree Service we make the process of booking a Stump Removal Service in your area simple and easy. In addition, with the help of our Stump Removal Experts you can have an affordable price estimate for your tree service within hours of calling. Below you can follow the step by step process on how to contract our Professional Tree Service.


Tree Service Pricing

Call our offices to schedule an onsite visit. After a Tree experts visits your property and inspects the Tree, an affordable price estimate will be provided for to you.


Our Team Arrives

Within 48 hours our team will arrive on location. Our licensed tree removal experts are equipped with the best tree removal equipment. Completing the job on the same day.


Clean Up

We begin with chopping the Tree Trunk into smaller sizes followed by the smaller branches. As an add-on we provide wood chipping services for all of our clean up jobs.


Save Our Number

We specialize in preventative Tree Care to make sure your trees stay strong during the next storm season. Make sure to stay in touch as we provide discounts for all returning clients.

Searching For Affordable Stump removal Pricing in Nassau County, NY?

Our team of Stump Removal Experts and Arborist are working around the clock to provide pricing for all Tree care services. Call and speak to a representative today and receive an accurate and affordable tree removal estimate.

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Customer Satisfaction is our main goal when providing our Tree Service. Our teams are focused on achieving your desired outcome and it shows in our reviews. Here is what some of our loyal Queens and Nassau County Clients had to say about our service. If you are a returning client and wish to share your experience please click the button below.

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