Manhattan Tree Service

Why Choose Our Manhattan Tree Service?

There are several factors to consider when selecting a tree service. Here are some reasons why we are your best option for a Manhattan Tree Service. The first reason being, we specialize in both commercial and residential tree removal services all over Manhattan, NY. Secondly, Our team of licensed and insured arborist have the experience necessary working in the Manhattan to guarantee customer satisfaction. Thirdly, Timber Wood Tree Service is experienced in dealing with all kinds of tree and landscaping situations, regardless of the condition or circumstance. In conclusion by calling a licensed, bonded and insured tree contractor, you get proper equipment and professional experience to handle the project.

Tree Service in Manhattan NY

Timber Wood Tree Service is your Local Tree Removal expert. Fast response and 24/7 Emergency Tree Service serving all of Brooklyn, New York. Fully Licensed and Insured. Online Tree Removal Booking and free tree removal Estimates available. Our Manhattan Tree Service offers a wide variety of Tree Services such as, Tree Removal, Stump Removal, Tree Trimming, Tree Cabling, Land Clearing, and Storm Damage. Scroll down to learn more about the Tree Services we provide all over the Manhattan, NY area. 

What Is the Average Cost of Tree Removal in Manhattan, NY?

The Average Cost Of Tree Removal in Manhattan is effected by multiple factors. To begin, the price can be effected based on the height and the accessibility of the tree. Secondly, the type of equipment needed can impact the cost as well. Our tree experts will help find the best options for your tree removal and offer you the most budget friendly solution. We offer tree services for all properties which include a private property, a residential property, and a commercial property. In the Manhattan, accessibility to the tree is the main concern. However, are team has removed trees in every area of the Manhattan and is prepared for any situation.

When Is the Best Time to Remove A Tree?

Large trees can present many problems to Manhattan, NY property owners, residential or commercial. There are many reasons why a tree on your property may need to be taken down.

To begin, if one or more branches are hanging over your properties roof, electrical wires or drive way, it is important to have an expert take a look. Furthermore, a trees limbs can weaken over time and be a potential hazard for your property and for anyone walking by. As a result, our licensed Arborist are trained to reduce the risk of property damage with timely tree removal techniques.


Tree Removal Process in Manhattan NY?

Complete Tree Removal

For a typical removal, the tree would be cut down to a low tree stump. The branches would either be cut up into regular pieces for use as firewood or removed depending on the client's wishes. If you want to get rid of the stump, you can opt to have it removed entirely, or have it ground down until it is no longer visible.

Branch Removal

If the tree is close to buildings or power lines, then this method isn't practical or safe. In these cases, the tree would be scaled, and branches cut off individually from the top down. If necessary, these will be secured with ropes so that they don't fall into power lines or onto buildings.

What Happens To The Tree After removal?

Once a Tree Removal is complete, several pounds of wood can remain on your property. As a result, our tree removal experts will begin to cut down large pieces of your tree in preparation for removal. In addition, the branches would either be cut and used as firewood or removed depending on the client’s wishes. 

The only party of the Tree not covered by initial removal is the Tree Stump. Stump removal will usually be an additional charge as it involves a lot more work than leaving the stump in place.

What Are The Benefits Of Stump Grinding in Manhattan NY?

After every Tree Removal, property owners are left with Tree Stumps. Manhattan Tree Stumps left unattended can lead to sinkholes as well as take up to 5 years to decay naturally. Furthermore, Tree Stumps are an eyesore and diminish the value and appearance of your property. There are many ways to remove a Tree Stump but we believe Stump Grinding is the best way. With Stump Grinding we can quickly remove any Dead Tree and stump off your property in 1-2 days and we are left with fresh mulch that can be reused and recycled for many purposes.


How Much Does Tree Stump Removal Cost in Manhattan NY?

The Cost To Remove A Tree Stump in Manhattan NY depends on several factors, such as the diameter of the tree stump and how accessible it is on your property. Whether a dead trees falls down on their own or through a professional tree care company, a tree stump is frequently left behind.  Our Stump Removal experts are trained to assess your situation and offer you the best options for removal. Some of the factors that affect the stump removal price include location, terrain, accessibility on the property, size of the stump, root complexity, type of tree, and method of removal. If the stump is near buildings or other structures, underground utilities, Electrical Cables or anything else, the price will vary.

Tree Trimming & Pruning Services In Manhattan NY

Tree trimming and tree pruning is critical to sustaining your tree’s health, stimulating growth and retaining its natural appearance. While necessary, this job can be too dangerous for DIY Home Projects. Tall Trees or Tree Branches hanging over Power Lines can present a serious danger. That is why it is best to contact a Tree Trimming company in Manhattan, NY for any Tree trimming needs.


What's the cost of tree trimming and branch removal in Manhattan NY?

Manhattan is a very difficult area to preform Tree Trimming maintenance. This is because of the dense population in the area as well as the traffic. Many factors can effect the price of Tree Trimming in Manhattan. First, the size of the Tree and its branches are measured to calculate the time and difficulty of the removal. Secondly, the location of the tree on your property is detailed to our operators so they may plan for the best way to access it. Thirdly, all obstacles and hazards in the area are recorder for safety measures. Finally, the equipment required to complete the Trimming is taking into account.

Searching For Land Clearing & Fill Services in Manhattan NY

From small to large residential projects, to commercial construction preparation, leave the land clearing and dirt fill services to our land clearing professionals.

As licensed and insured tree service professionals, we have the expertise and equipment to safely remove trees, shrubs, and roots, preparing the lot for future development. Because we care about the environment and the trees we service, we can also prepare trees for replanting so they can continue to grow healthy and strong in an appropriate location.

Tree Service Coverage In Manhattan, NY


24/7 Emergency Tree Removal Service In Manhattan NY.

If you are located in Manhattan NY and trees have come down and come into contact with power lines, cars, fencing, or other buildings, you need to have that fallen tree removed fast! This is where our emergency tree service experts can really shine! When you call Timber Tree Service, we will be available to address your needs 24/7. That means that whenever a tree emergency happens, we’ll be there to help! We operate all over the Manhattan, NY area offering are service to all residents.

Searching For A Tree Service Near You?

Timber Wood Tree Services provides 24 hour emergency coverage to all 5 NYC Boroughs and Long Island. We have service providers in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Nassau County and Suffolk County. If you are in the New York are we are at your service. We are a top Tree Service Provider in Queens and Long Island.

Licensed & Insured Arborist in Manhattan

We are fully licensed and insured in Nassau County, Suffolk County, & Brooklyn New York. Our team consist of licensed arborists and tree removal experts with several years of experience working in New York.

Quality & Affordability

For our Professional Tree Service, Customer Satisfaction is our number 1 goal. Tree Removal Cost can vary greatly between tree removal companies. We have been providing affordable services to Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County and its surrounding areas for many years. Tree Care is vital is to keeping your trees healthy on your residential property.

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